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Agile Ultrasonics designs and manufactures customized ultrasonic systems for in-situ tack and place, spot weld, scan weld and cutting of thermoplastic composite materials for aerospace, consumer electronics and automotive markets. Founded on patented technology licensed from Ohio State University, these systems apply intense highly-controlled ultrasonic energy, termed “power ultrasonics,” to produce desired consolidation effects in an open-air environment.  This approach can help reduce or eliminate the need for post consolidation in autoclaves, ovens, or compression mold thereby greatly speeding production, increasing part quality, and significantly lowering cost.

We're engaged in a multitude of system design projects with industry leading aerospace and consumer electronic component makers.  A key aspect of our success is our ability to customize and optimize ultrasonic features for specific materials and outcomes.  We develop unique high power systems that provide varied levels of bonding based on application requirements and material capabilities at low force through precise parameter control.  Heat is generated only at the point of consolidation, fast weld times are measured in milliseconds, scalable size, and consolidating multiple plies at the same time for higher throughput.

Our approach opens the door to lighter, thinner less expensive components permitting engineers to rethink component design and support sustainability objectives.